Melia McClure
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The Delphi Room

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Is it possible to find love after you've died and gone to Hell?

For oddball misfits Velvet and Brinkley, the answer just might be yes. After Velvet hangs herself and winds up trapped in a bedroom she believes is Hell, she comes in contact with Brinkley, the man trapped next door. Through mirrors that hang in each of their rooms, these disturbed cinephiles watch the past of the other unfold - the dark past that has led to their present circumstances. As their bond grows and they struggle to figure out the tragic puzzles of their lives and deaths, Velvet and Brinkley are in for more surprises. 

By turns quirky, harrowing, funny, and surreal, The Delphi Room explores the nature of reality and the possibilities of love. 


A daring and original feat of the imagination. With prose as lush as it is provocative, Melia McClure dissolves the lines between reality and fantasy, madness and sanity, tenderness and violence, transporting readers to an alternative reality that reflects our own in a wholly new and startling way.

Nancy Richler, bestselling author of The Imposter Bride

A clever novel with a unique approach, The Delphi Room both challenges and entertains. Though the story takes place after Velvet's death, the characters are full of life, painted with emotional depth and affirming the wild complexity that is the human condition. 

Quill & Quire

a fascinating and engrossing novel that is at times beautiful, heartbreaking, terrifying, and perplexing. It's even funny. Often, it's all of these things simultaneously...McClure's prose [is] lush, beautiful, haunting...often funny...such an imaginative, daring, and important work...

Court Street Literary Collective

I can honestly say I haven't read anything like this before...a very intriguing and surreal experience of magical realism but one where strangeness doesn't detract from reading itself. In fact it only enhances it, in turn creating something extraordinary.

I was utterly captivated by the various layers of reflection and perception at play. I was constantly drawn forward through the story and felt the loss when it was over. 


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