Melia McClure
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About Melia

Melia McClure's debut novel, The Delphi Room, was released by ChiZine Publications in September 2013, and she has adapted it for the stage and screen. Her fiction has appeared in The Danforth Review and been shortlisted in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation National Literary Awards.  She is also co-editor of Meditation & Health magazine, which is distributed in multiple locations in the United States and Canada, as well as in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Indonesia. Melia grew up dancing and acting, and in addition to working extensively as a writer and editor, she has appeared on film, television and stage and performed at The Museum of Modern Art in New York.  

Film and theatre, along with visual art, are among the creative expressions that inspire her writing. She is also fascinated by the book-to-film metamorphosis. Her work is a confluence of quirky, offbeat fiction and ideas, black humor, abnormal psychology, and metaphysical, philosophical, theatrical and filmic elements.  

When not writing, Melia can be found collecting vintage coats and other sartorial antiques; dabbling with paint; gobbling up jazz, dance and theater; or conducting (mostly successful) culinary experiments.

She is a graduate of The Writer's Studio at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. 

Photo art by Katherine Siemens